Window Cleaning and Solar Panel Cleaning

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Tired of those filthy, streaky windows? 
Struggle to find the time to clean them or can’t reach them anyway?
Let NEST do your window and solar panel cleaning for you!

Our Father Joe specialises in Professional Window and Solar Panel Cleaning.
He’s a perfectionist and will ensure that all glass is cleaned inside and out (if required) and screens, tracks and ledges are also left clean as a whistle.

No matter how difficult the job or how awkward or high the position of the window, Joe has every extension, window washer and ladder there is to ensure no job is out of reach.


  • Units/ unit blocks
  • Townhouses
  • Small and large homes
  • Businesses
  • Multi level homes and businesses
  • Pool Fences

Solar Panel Cleaning
Joe also provides a solar panel cleaning service. Cleaning your solar panels can increase the amount of energy you save. Over time solar panels often end up with a build up of dirt, grime, and animal droppings which impacts the amount of energy generated. Rather than attempting to do such a dangerous job yourself, let an expert do it for you! 

Joe uses non-abrasive equipment and cleaners to avoid scratching the glass and has the correct tools to ensure the job is done safely and properly. 

You name it, he does it all!

"Please thank your father for us, he did a fantastic job on our windows, we couldn't be happier!"
Customer - S. Jenkins, East Brisbane

Once you have decided to try our Window Cleaning Service, you can either contact us by phone, email or simply fill out on online estimate form. 
Joe will then contact you directly to arrange to come out and give you a free quote.


0438 079 996 / Joe - 0438 079 994